Madame Maxwell the Demon Speaks Behind the Scenes

Tsk tsk. You’d be surprised if you only knew.
In the meantime your second guessing is quite boring.
Yes, my name is Liza, and, yes, I did play a moderator on TLG. NY you say? Ok, NY it is.

When and whom or why I played a role is my business alone. Why should I make it yours? What have you shown me? Absolutely nothing, but second guessing, assumptions and slandering lies. But you’re the own with all the absolutely truth in all answers. It’s interesting because if you had all the answers, you’d not be dragging my name up in such frequencies. Ah, but do as you must. You’ll feel differently in the end. I don’t care who you are or what you think your planning to do. I made a promise to someone and will not break my word. I left many months ago and refuse to play this game.

Carry on dancing.

Scarle Really, peaches? Do you believe the lies you vomit? I know it all, love. I have known it all along but chose to watch the show along with others all these years. Make no mistake of that. The scorned Liza who hid behind the gutter punk character in the hopes of playing her vampires. Just like they played her, oh so long ago! Ha ha ha! I am truly surprised you succeeded in seducing her. Or so she has you believing. I laughed hard when I saw your character appear as Armand’s sidekick. You are more talented than I ever could have anticipated since I did not think you would get very far with that annoying punk. Your manipulative ways are quite delightful. But be careful! Who is playing who at this stage of the game, dolly? Think on it. You are good, but not that good. Oh the irony in all of this and there is so much I can tell you…..but I will not. What fun would that be anyway?

I have watched you for years, cookie. I have always been ten steps ahead of you and your J Tara. It has been quite entertaining but your run is over as you have crossed many boundaries. Don’t you think it’s time you paid more attention to your young boy? Perhaps you should have played more with your children versus your girlfriends and members online all these years?

You want specifics? Would you like to see pictures? Real addresses? What? I am closer than you can ever imagine. Remember, you are not the only one that knows how to play little vampire games, yes?

Now, do us both a favor, yes? Don’t insult my intelligence. You look like a fool when you try to play these silly little games with me. Reserve them for when you cybersex with your fake Armand. And dolly? I have the proof of you and your Lestatia cybering the young Christopher. We both know what nasty games you have played all these years alongside your Tara J and the rest of the players.

I gave you a chance to drop the mask with my message. Yet you send me this drivel? Watch and learn how you play games. And dolly, believe me when I say that you are all in a heap of trouble.

Stay tuned. The finale of my story will leave you begging….. for me….. not to stop! Ha ha ha! I told you in the public message you had nothing to offer me, yes?

S Yes, Spec, show me real names and real addresses. The updated version, not something you pulled off of google or people find. And you have nothing, remember that. You have not been following very well. How honest do you think I was with Tara? Do you believe we are still buddies? Do you believe we are lovers ? What do you believe? Do you believe she now lives in my very home? And, what if she does? Do you think old home address/phone numbers mean anything? Absolutely not. Off target. If you have my real address,send me a letter. If I receive it I will be truthful and admit to you I have. Actually, send a police man to my door to make the proper arrest since the only crime here is your stalking and petty lies. You are grasping at straws. No crime has been committed by anyone involved in Nosftu. That is a fact and a proven one. No one is shaking in their boots. Do you really believe my true identity? Maybe I stole this one. Taunting and trying to bait people is all you can do. Your audience is fading out, in fact, most of them have come over to my side. Perhaps it is us baiting you now? Perhaps it is you who should be careful? Perhaps I am am a mental case and you should tread careful the way you handle people and try to scare them. I may have a heart attack due to your cyber attacks and threats. Or I may just over dose from all of the anxiety you are causing. You never know an affect you have on people and you may drive them over the edge. Especially people you know nothing about. I am a mental patient and have informed my doctor of your attacks and showed him the print outs of it. He is very aware of them and filed them in my record. Do you know what that means, S? Do you? I hope you do. For you sake you should. Now, the next message you send to me I will print out and bring down to the police station as LJ has suggested that I do and take the proper steps by filing a report. It may or may not work, but hell, I have lots of time on my hands since my retirement. In fact, I might as well start now with the message you sent below. If you re-read your words, you’ll see your mistake.
It was nice speaking with you. Next time we speak lets hope my medication kicks in and I can speak calmly. As of right now I have to fly off on my broom to my husband who is studying at hog warts school of magic. Actually, I want you to tell me his name. Impress me with his name and I will bow down to you. Until than, ta ta.

Oh Cookie, are you getting too old to remember where you live? You need me to remind you? Really, love, there is no need for that. Perhaps you can google yourself if truly your memory is failing you.

You are wasting my precious time with these silly games you play. I am not Tara and this is not NOSFTU. Need I remind you? And certainly you know that you are no Hannibal Lecter. Your Jedi tricks simply do not work with me. Try them on Tara, she may pretend to fall for them again.

You can hardly afford to live, let alone see a psychiatrist which is something you should probably do and certainly need, don’t you think? And if truly you have mental issues, which we all know you do, then perhaps you should remove yourself from this medium and concentrate on offline activities, no?

Hopeism managed to prove you spend way too much time with this cybersex activity. Ah, but I thought TaraJ and you are not into that sort of thing. Ha ha ha! You are pitied, love. There is much you are missing offline with these silly games you have played these last eight years.

As for your threats, someone or another said, put up or shut up. I have many references, these messages included, as well as the many footprints you have left in my home to share as well with whomever you wish to share with, including but not limited to your doctors. So go ahead and hit me with it.

Now, do us both a favor, yes? Give it up already! You are a failure both online and offline. And cease and desist, the libel, sladering, trolling and harassing, abusing and threatening here. That is my last warning to you or would you like for my attorney to serve you? You see, unlike you, I have very deep pockets and so let me know how you would like to proceed legally. The only correspondence you will have from me from now on will be from my attorney. That will be the only mail you will receive from me, doll. Your insanity plea will need to be backed up, you realize that, yes? The devil made me do it is just too overrated and does not succeed nowadays, especially with so much proof that you have been well aware of what you were doing all these years.



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Liza’s Fandom Wank


Allow me to first apologize for Liza’s appalling anonymous posts and trolling in the last two posts. It should now be painfully obvious that this lady has not only crossed the lines of role play, but may also be suffering from a real psychological pathology. I mean really, what the hell is wrong with you, woman? You have gotten so carried away with your characters, yes plural loves, that you are getting off on your own ego in public! It appears that you are unable to mentally separate your in character actions from your out of character ones. Do you know what that means, Liza? It means it is time for your to unlug all devices that give you access to the net. It is time for you to join the real world and if you want a real wanker than for the love of hell go look into becoming a man and living your life as one but we all know that would require you passing a few psychological tests. I think we can all tell that the chances of you passing them would be slim to none.

Now back to business. Darklings, apologies for the spoiler but we must also all applaud and thank Jolene for that delightful surprise. Yes, Liza has always been behind the Maxwell the Demon, Christian name. Yes, she also played the made up brother, Matthew. And yes, she was also the one playing Luc and Venom. She may have been drinking when she posted from Venom’s journal here and left her IP footprints in my home as she has done numerous times before. Sometimes, she can not help herself and even trolls while she is at work from her phone! Imagine that, yes?

The venom her little fingers have typed here recently is a classic case of flame baiting and in some instances she even projects her personal issues in her posts onto others. Read carefully. Pay attention to her whatever filth I have left unscreened and you will see what I mean. The anon posts signed Venom, Christian, Team Demon and the recent attacks on Kia, Jolene, and the sisters are all Liza. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. Recall all her actions behind the Maxwell name?

James has posted here, visits my home often but the insanity she signed with his name is not his. I am fairly comfortable in believing that you can see which anon posts are written by him, even though he refuses to sign his name. He can not help his charisma shining through after all. And I see he is begging for the spot light. Still. That was the character Noah’s job, not mine.

Max the Demon/Christian, one of Liza’s many characters, the “go to guy” and self professed owner of Getfanged is no longer a member there or anything for that matter on Getfanged anymore. Getfanged will not be taken seriously. Ever. Mark my words. It is run by role players, female charlatans with a nasty habit of deceiving their members for many years. No network site that lacks all transparency with its ownership cloaked in secrecy will ever be taken seriously. Its days are numbered. I assure you. Spend five minutes on there and you will see what I see. A huge failure for the ladies and I highly doubt they will ever get any proceeds now or in any future.

How about a recap of Liza’s subpar performances?

Liza = Maxwell/Christian, Scarlee/Wicked, Matthew, Lucien, Chris/Venom. These were her primary characters. Darklings, you mustn’t forget that the ladies also interchanged and played the other characters as well. Hopeism posted a chat where Liza admitted to even writing as Lestat.

Ah, and one more thing that I read that deserves attention. The Spectator is NOT a composite of personalities. Did you hear that my little arrogant friend? I am one. The one and only ONE. And I have many friends, fans and foes but no one but me posts my entries but me here. Is that clear enough for everyone. And the point is……that the attention should be focused on the charlatans and predators of NOSFTU that preyed and continue to prey on innocents. The Spectator has always been merely and only a spectator and nothing more.

And the other breaking news……

Congratulations on job perfectly done, Liza!

Behold how another role player bites the dust! Literally.

Stay tuned. Much more to come.


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A Real Dear “J” Letter

Dearest darling, TaraJ,

Would you like to hear a spectacular story? Well, you really don’t have much of a choice, do you? Make certain you are sitting for this one. I also suggest a glass of water or perhaps a shot of Brandy because I have a feeling you will need it. Call Kathleen too as she will only tell you, “I told you so”.

Once upon a time, a scheming role player under the guise of Armand paid a little closer attention to a gutter punk in blue hair that joined her forum with the sole intentions of seducing the character “Armand”. Well, lo and behold, after a few posts with desperate pleas for attention, the player Max finally got the player Armand’s attention. It didn’t take much, you know.

Over the course of a few weeks, the players, both lacking male genitals and of course unbeknownst to both, cyber each other to death, no pun intended, share a few stolen poems and songs and what do you, know? They are in love! I know, I know, it gets better. Keep reading and pay attention.

The player Max is all of a sudden made into a vampire, to Dolce’s and the others’ dismay and despite their fair warnings! Armand is now enjoying his little girl toy pretending to be a boy, pretending to be a gangster and drug dealer, pretending to be a suicidal freak, pretending to be a vampire. You get the picture, yes?

So the two ladies, still pretending to me male, continue their love affair on line and in front of their members till one fine day the character Max finds out the character Armand is played by a conspiring lady named Tara and definately not male. Slap, damn, Liza was fooled again! The lady behind Max, Liza is now furious, first it was lestat and now Armand, and especially after she finds out the other players, Dolce and Petra as well as her Armand were working on a project on Talamasca Online to scam money out of their members. Max grabs Armand by the proverbial neck and forces her to come clean to the members and close the forums. I will not bore you with the history. You know the story.

Then, one fine day, Max and “J” decide to open house again and slowly bring their members back on to the “belief is the key”, roller coaster. Liza aka Max and Tara aka most of the other characters, begin a new reign of terror but what “J” did not know is that her soul mate, the love of her life, Demon is really Liza. Proof? Certainly, “pick up the phone, bitch”. I am Liza and I don’t have a real dick, hello? Mai non! How can it be? That’s right, Tara was played, kiddies. What to do now? Tara loves a character that is supposed to be a male and Liza fell for a character male too but they are both female. Take that, players! Tit for tat to see which can hurt the other more.

Does the story end there? Of course not! Paybacks are a bitch, are they not? The two ladies open up a new platform, decide they will divide any future profits in half, cutting out the rest of the players and all of a sudden, guess what? Liza just cannot help herself, you see, and so, since characters continue to be the name of the game, and J could care less what Liza says or wants so the only choice is to bring back Christian. Paying attention? Liza now decides to tell more fibs to her love, Armand and so decides to tell her that the real Max/Christian, yeah right, was in jail for drug trafficking or something along those lines and had others, including Liza, play with his name while he was gone! You hear that, Tara? And so he loves Tara but cannot be with her, he has a wife and fake kid after all! That is what he has TaraJ believing. Tara claimed to be unfit, which she is, and gave up her baby! Max the Demon, Christian is back, baby! Or so Tara thinks and believes. Do you believe the “she” forty five year old creature, Tara? Well, you shouldn’t. There is certainly quite a few ways to prove it, if you really want to know the truth, of course. Do you? Have you tried calling your Christian character since he is now allegedly back in full male form? Or will you continue cybering the idea of your soul mate? Will you finally realize that a forty five year old, short, butchy woman played you like the fiddle that you are?

Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself. Dial your Christian’s phone number. Demand a web cam session. Meet your love in the flesh. Or is it as Liza is counting on? Are you too afraid of the truth to dig into the dirt? Oh, and will you get back to us, love? I know this is just too juicy to keep to yourself and since you have gone on a posting frenzy, perhaps you will also share the juicy details of that spectacular bomb, yes?

Take a shot of whiskey now. You know you need it! Ha ha ha! From where I am perched, it looks like you were far too busy playing, cybering and abusing Kia and the other members to realize that the one that was being played the most, was………….YOU! Don’t you just hate when that happens, baby? How delightful is that one, darklings? Was it as good for you as it was for me, Tara baby? I bet my balls it wasn’t! Poor Jaecen.



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NOSFTU former role players get DE-FANGED again!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have been told, repeatedly and ad nauseum, that the NOSFTU scheming imposter role players have nothing to do with Fangbook aka GetFanged, yes? Anything NOSFTU has been carefully tucked away and erased from the net, except for moi, of course.

The NOSFTU character Demon admitted he was the owner of Getfanged in a little post on LJ, the one that he and Tara collaborated on and posted to blind you from the truth once again. Then it was briefly “no longer a member”, ripples and fights behind the scenes with Tara? Then he was again a member with pcitures of Ayden being shared and telling many it was the face of Demon. Then it went on hiatus. Then the name was changed to D and now, I believe she is no longer a member and/or the front man of Getfanged. Little fairies now also tell me that the Demon admitted “it” is not a he but a SHE. We knew that of course. Spectator was also informed that Fangbook frontman/owner and alleged real sang in vampire community for last ten years, Demon, now has “handed over full control” of Getfanged to former NOSFTU owner and sociopath, Lestat/ Armand/Psyche/Noah/Eldon/Daniel Molloy/Jae, also known as “J” aka Tara.

But wait……NOSFTU role players do not run or have anything to do with Getganged, right? Wrong! Check out this delightful link that was hidden from sight! Notice where it leads? Of course it will soon disappear but for your convenience it has been posted on you tube as proof of the notorious fibs and how the infamous NOSFTU players continue their reign of terrible lies on their new platform. Why go through all this trouble? MONEY! The players obviously hope to cash in on advertisements. Their original Fangbook name was changed seeing that Facebook just hates sharing the *book* in their name.

More to come. Soon.

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Miss me, Loves? Here to DE-FANG!

Darklings, I heard you!

Worry not, rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated!

Your emails these last couple of days touched me, believe it or not. And they made me reconsider this abode. This journal shall remain open, however I can also be found on wordpress. I will continue to update simultaneously. Same name, same game on wordpress. The old adage, the more, the merrier, is quite fitting, don’t you think?

I have also been aware of the fact that Tara and her cohorts have been desperately trying to get rid of my home since the very beginning. I have watched her comb through my posts and comments for days. I am ten steps ahead of her. How many times can you be told that there is no violation here, Lestatia? Even Abby tried and failed!

You see, loves, how else will she and her cohorts go undetected? How else will they cover up the truth? Why would she want her vampire games exposed? It makes for bad publicity, you know. And the irony in all this? I haven’t even started yet! What you have been reading thus far is just, shall we say, foreplay? Remember that we are still at the beginning. I promised you fireworks, didn’t I? Keep reading, loves and I assure you that you will leave thoroughly satisfied by the time I am done.

I am also very much aware that the Vampire community has been spoon fed more lies as well. There are posts out there claiming libeI. Rest assured, friends, readers and fans that there is nothing libelous here nor have I ever been contacted by attorneys. The two main players can hardly afford to eat, let alone file false charges. And why do you think they are trying to censor me? You see, their vision entails so much traffic on their new platform that they will be able to cash in on advertisements. Much like facebook did and in fact they hope to be the facebook for the vampire community. That is why they are trying to erase their past! And how will the community feel when finally it is proven that they are role players? Lestatia and Maxwell have created a legal nightmare, I assure you. Fake names can not claim libel and non existent names can not start a LEGAL business either!

How many of you remember th picture posted that was allegedly Max? You want to see what kind of people you are dealing with? Behold the REAL person behind who was supposed to be Max whi is actually a Liza. Are you still with me, muggles? This is a little racy, so hold on to your seats. But before you click the sizzling links of one Ayden, NOT D aka Liza, read the REAL message I received from LJ.

Dear user spectatornight,

apologize for the delay in responding to your inquiry, but we were conducting a thorough review of this suspension. As a result of that review, we have decided to unsuspend your journal, which has now been done. You should have full use of the journal again.

Initial review of your journal led us to believe there was more targeted harassment going on, directed towards a specific individual, which is prohibited by our policies. However, further review showed this to not be the case; while your journal is dedicated to discussion of NOSFTU and its players, it is not targeted to a specific person at this time.

Please note that while LiveJournal believes in the ideal of freedom of speech, service providers are under no obligation whatsoever to publish the content of others. LiveJournal reserves the right to reject any content at any time for any reason, as per our Terms of Service.

LiveJournal Abuse Prevention Team
And now, here is our porn star, Ayden. I wonder if Ayden is aware that his face was used without his permission on numerous occasions for a character’s purpose. Did you know that Lestatia? Perhaps that is the reason the Demon was temprarily NOT a member on his new endeavor? Did Ayden find out he was being used for a charcter’s new website as a demon? What say you, role players?

And Lestatia go ahead and try to cover this one up.

You know you miss me! What would you do without me, love?

Click link one……

link two……,r:7,s:0

and link 3………

Look familiar, loves? See with a little time and a few searches and low and behold your Demon. Ha ha ha. I told you to stay tuned, did I not?


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De Fanged Role Players Get Fanged

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me to thank you for stopping by and please make yourselves comfortable as there is much to read here. I am truly honored and humbled to have such exceptional people visit my abode.

Let’s cut the crap and get down to business, shall we?

“The short answer is, those postings were inspired by a team of disgruntled bloggers from Maxwell’s past determined to poison any of his future endeavors and we regret that Lillith was involved.”

Lillith, congratulations on having the balls to raise questions in the community. You have every right to question. I mean really, who wants to be lied to, yes? I bow to you, Reverend. The community is very lucky to have you amongst them.

The actual answer is that these role players will try to convince you of the above with no merit whatsoever. I, on the other hand will give you the real facts and what they are trying desperately to run from.

Fact- Max/Demon is a character created on the RPG site NOSFTU and is in fact played by a woman named Liza who happens to reside in New York.

Fact- The other role player that is helping run your network is “Julianne”, a woman who resides in Canada. And know that these are character names created for the sole purpose of deceiving their members on NOSFTU. Read the sizzling posts here. Take a bite of the trevasty that has been taking place on NOSFTU the last ten years. And now? they have a new playground. And make no mistake, money is the name of the game!

Fact- The other role players from NOSFTU are hiding behind the agent masks and carefully monitoring the many NOSFTU members that are currently on the site. The word NOSFTU is taboo on Fangbook, I assure you.

Fact- Ex Nosftu members were given ultimatums by Lucky (AKA Chris) and told they would be banned if they posted their thoughts and opinions in my home. It’s a simple matter of control.

Proof? Here is said post:

Stop the Violence and increase the Peace rally

Maxwell has just informed on this day, Tuesday 2/15/2011, 8:50 PM est) Whomever is a registered member at and currently at this time participating on the below mentioned journals in replies to all the horses ass crap will be suspended from by his Agents. Who are currently taking care of his web site during his time away. (Vacation) rofile

There will be no further notice. Sorry, everyone, there is just a lot of crap going on and it’s being flung around in turbulence. Stop the violence and take a look around.

You may or may not shoot the messenger 😀

Lucky boy,

Here is the direct link to said journal, while it lasts. 221.html

You see, these woman are desperate to cut the ties they have to NOSFTU, it’s bad for business as I said before. Do you know what else is bad for business? Having NOSFTU members at the site the players are so desperately trying to prove is not run by ROLE PLAYERS. You see their dilemma, yes?

And they try to smooth things over when asked by legitimate people in the community claiming to have their legal dept on it but, you see loves, there is no legal department to go to because there are no REAL LEGAL names behind GetFanged, which ironically is illegal, no? They claim they will have their legal dept take care of me and my words that they claim are libelous, yet here I am. Am I bad for business? But of course I am! I am exposing them for the frauds that they are and have been for the last ten years. Certainly such publicity will cut into any profits they foresee.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can't claim slander and libel on ROLE PLAYING CHARACTER NAMES.

Demon, and even Christian, is that what it says on your birth certificate, Liza? I will bet my balls it does not!

Would you like to see proof that Getfanged is the spawn of NOSFTU and that the same role players are running it? I have proof darlings, which I will happily give if you email me. You can find my email in my profile should you have any doubts.

In the meantime, you are all welcome to read and keep reading and I assure you, there is plenty here that will leave you with plenty of sizzle and bite.

Role players, come and get me. I dare you!


The Spectator

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The NOSFTU and Talamasca Online Hoax

Let’s get on with the show, shall we?

We have already seen the mask ripped off the kind and polite Dolce. This one you see, knew Louis. That was her claim. She was visited by Lestat and had put a lot of time and effort into gaining the trust of the masses. Even flew out to meet the future journalist member named Catharin and the forever doubting Thomas, Julia!

Dolce was aiming for the online Oscars! Should we give her props for that? Well, loves, she wasn’t that good and way too whiny in every way. She didn’t even get nominated for the Golden Globes! We all saw the mask ripped off this grandmother who was nothing more than a scheming con artist partaking in a laughable ruse and bastardizing Anne Rice’s Louis, turning him into a whiny moon lover whilst claiming she too was dying from a rare and unheard of blood disease. You didnt know that? Well loves, she was a busy little thing and called members crying after sharing that little morsel with them in u2u. Sound familiar? It should. Ask the Vampire Petronia who later claimed to be dying as well. The NOSFTU fiend Lestat the Magnificent has a taste for schemers, didn’t you hear?

Nonetheless, she was not a sharp cookie. Too many mistakes and footprints were left behind and her signature web designs in another role play site even held her real name! This of course was later corrected and her name magically disappeared so that she could not be tied with the characters or role play. Dolce was so dedicated that she even sent a message to, a site dedicated to Louis, in order to critique the web design and point out that it was not to her liking! Where can you find that kind of dedication, loves?

This harridan loved to knit with Lestatia, they share the same hobby you see, and continued to conspire with her cohorts on how they would take their game to the next level. Can you imagine these middle aged women talking about the next scripts and running around in NOLA taking notes on what they would post next to prove their characters lived? How preposterous, yes? Well, the members that they were exchanging stories with behind the scenes, did not find it funny. They were led to believe they were having affairs with vampires while they slept! Certainly their memories were wiped clean. How convenient!

I must digress a bit more and share this morsel. I had a slight oversight in an earlier post and did not add the Talamasca defunct site on my time line. Talamasca Online was on the NOSFTU server and many knew this which tied the players to both sites. Kathleen even had the audacity to send emails from the university she worked at! How do I know that? Proof? Certainly, darklings. I told you the Spectator was around since before their hoax sites, yes? Are you paying attention, players? Read this next part carefully.

The Spectator said, “come to my parlour, little flies”, and so they did. Another Talamasca site was created that was not related to NOSFTU. Its sole purpose was to mock and trap the players. Surely, the players would walk right into the trap and they did!. Emails were exchanged. IPs traced to a certain RI University and Jaden to Canada and also NOLA. Here come the fiersome threesome with their many roles! And Dolce had yet another name! Imagine that!. Does this look familiar, Kathleen? Keep reading and I shall refresh your memory with what your little arthritis fingers typed in all its glory. Behold the continuation of the ruse on Talamasca Online!

Dear Webmistress,

My name is Charlotte O*****s and I represent the organization, Talamasca Online.

Our current and temporary website is located at Our official website and online database is in final production stages.

Recently members of our organization noticed your website at and we have some concerns about the wording of your content. We ask for your attention and cooperation in resolving this matter as soon as possible.

Talamsca Online consists of an established group of paranormal scholars and other professionals
dedicated to providing our members with an online database of paranormal investigations and findings. We are currently constructing our online database.

Our concern is the wording of your website.

Welcome to the new Talamasca website.

In light of recent events, the database will not be made available to the general public.

As you may be able to intuit, due to the similar nature of our respective websites, specifically that of an online database, we are concerned that this specific mention of a general public database closure may result in confusion for our members.

This is not a demand nor do we anticipate seeking any legal remedy. I am a member-service representative, not a company lawyer and am confident that with your help, a solution can be reached that benefits all.

Our initial suggestion to this issue is that we request your website do one of the following:


1) Include a disclaimer or mention of your Anne Rice character affiliation.

2) Include a disclaimer specifying the ficticious nature of your website.

3) Include a statement that you are not affiliated with
and or

4) We are open to any alternative suggestions you may have.

Thank you for your time. I hope you understand that we at Talamasca Online harbor no ill intentions towards your creative endeavours. I look forward to hearing from you and to reaching a quick resolution to this issue,

Charlotte O***s
Member Services Representative
Talamsca Online

Dear Webmaster,

I have written previously to you regarding a potentially serious problem with your website. Recently we have received many messages such as the one I’ve enclosed below. This message from one of our members illustrates the confusion we are encountering and hope to remedy with your help.

To briefly repeat, in case my initial letter was not received: Our domain names, and are similar and the verbage on your site is causing some confusion for our members as it states

Welcome to the new Talamasca website. In light of recent events, the database will not be made available to the general public

Thereby causing many of our members to confuse our database with yours.I’ve been told by another of your ranks that you are currently unavilable but will be acknowledging my correspondence shortly. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Talamasca Online
Ah Kathleen, see what goodies I hold? Bet you never saw that one coming and wait till you see what else I have up my sleeves. Silly woman, how did you fall for that one? What will the uni think of you trying to con people whilst on their paid time and using their computers?

Darklings, it is no secret now that the TO was their other playground but let’s move on.

The sisters mentioned enough in their blog and so we know the Petra story and her role behind the scenes and in front. We will get back to that one later. She wore her real name with pride and loved playing with members both backstage and in plain site. Need I say more, loves or do you get the picture? Yes, she was one of the original players and helped create and maintain NOSFTU. Yes, she was the welcome wagon in NOLA and left little clues for members when they visited. No, she is not a vampire, darklings.

Let’s go back now and take another look at NOSFTU behind the scenes. Backstage love letters and private messages run rampant. Let’s get the ladies into a frenzy, why don’t we. Enter the fiery red head Scarlee/Bella in other sites/Wicked, real name Liza. This lady has been all over the net and a member on almost every role play site, looking for her undead Prince Lestat. Yes, I know loves, we know he is a character. Tell that to the future Daniel Dolly! Daniel’s Dolly became the scorned Liza when her Prince stood her up on a promised opera date. What does Dolly do next? She scripts her suicide attempt. This was finally the nail in the coffin and Dolly finally realizes NOSFTU is a hoax.

Little secrets are exchanged behind the scenes. Lestat announces Liza is well and alive on the board and soon covers up the high drama of her little game. Her talent for scripts did not go unnoticed. Liza’s Wicked now goes quiet. But it’s not what you think. And believe me, Liza does not and did not forget. This will later cause some tension between Tara and Liza and their scripts.

Enter Maxwell, the future Demon, the gutter punk. Guess who loves! We see this gutter punk enter and take center stage. Nothing new, right? Just another little freak, right? Wrong, loves. Get ready for the high drama that this one will bring you. Another little vampire fan, emo boy with multiple piercings, tattoos, etc. The pictures she posted revealed a true emo punk. Blue hair, tiny little body, looked like he lived and breathed in the gutters of New York. His posts were filled with emo cries for love, suicide attempts, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. etc.(Sound familiar? Are you paying attention?) pleading to be loved by Armand specifically, and his posts were certainly nothing pleasing for the eyes.

Would Anne Rice’s Armand take a second look at this scripted and annoying fool? No siree but we are talking about NOSFTU’s Armand here and now she has to do something with this scripted thing that is trolling the center of her stage, doesn’t she? The emo thing disappears for awhile. But not before she makes it a known fact that Petra and the thing are now friends too. In fact, it was Petra that posted the pictures of the thing first. They were friends and all. Man, Petra sure does get around, right loves? Pay attention to how it all fits now. The Liza thing rages, rants, posts love songs, bla bla. Then the Liza thing goes away for a week and it claims it was in an asylum, drug rehab whatever. Now why did Petra post his pictures? How else would they legitimize the fake thing, darklings? Who better than the credible doctor who is dying from vampire blood too? Liza’s character has to be real before Armand makes her a demon, right? Silly muggles, bet you didn’t see that one coming. It’s all a set up, loves. History. They need history, remember?

In the meantime, the mean lustful Armand awakes to the thing’s pleading cries for love and guess what? Yeap, She takes interest in the thing. In a matter of a couple of months and after some public exchange of some love vomit, you got…… “Welcome, Christian”, signed DM. Who the hell is Christian? And who the hell is DM? Ah, wait, it will all make sense shortly.

Maxwell the Vampire, fledgling of Armand the Vampire enters the stage. Public pictures now change. Congrats on a job not so perfectly done, Petra. The emo thing has gone away and the beautiful vampire model boy emerges and enters the stage! You were then bombarded by the public display of vomit. Stolen words, love songs, poems, pictures, explicit posts and threads, bla, bla, you get it, don’t you? Well what happens next? The lady members flock to the Demon. Well hell, maybe they have a chance of being made a vampire too, right? He even gets his own harem and fan club. I know, I know, I feel the same but we are talking about high drama here, right, Liza? Lestat’s little pudgy boy even takes an interest in the Liza thing. Liza was it you or Tara that was involved in the explicit sex chats with Christopher? Certainly you want to know, Chris, no?

Petra is on the stage here too. They are both in the same boat after all. One is sick and dying but Armand was the merciful one and took Maxwell in record time, unlike the fiend Lestat and his Petra. Petra is still working it, give her some credit. How is she going to welcome members in NOLA as a vampire. Won’t work. That one needs to stay human especially with her two little Greek friends that are trying to save her from the big bad wolf vampire, hovering over her. Yeah, right so instead, her scripts will require her to help the Demon with his own transformation. Hers will take the back burner for now. She still has work to do off the Glass. Too many characters to validate after all. You need a front man, non?

Eldon Larkin is also on stage. He is having exchanges with none other than his Dolly. Anything look a little fishy here, darklings? Marius now enters the stage and announces Larkin is not Larkin. Big surprise there, but instead the legendary character Daniel Molloy. The plot thickens, I know. Great, another NOSFTU mystery member has the mask torn off only to reveal another mask. Typical, I know. The players have new standards you see. Their proofs are crumbling. The more players or mask they introduce the more they will confuse the muggles and the less they will look for the player behind Lestat. Ask Citrus and James, the weeds. James will later have his fifteen minutes, right Mate? Your part will soon be revealed, sit tight, dude.

Are you all still with me? Max is born, yes Liza? You do in fact realize that you too will be accountable, regardless of your intentions, yes, Dolly?

Darklings, Daniel’s Dolly agreed to partake in the vampire online games. Her script and her part has also been played by our Lestatia in the interim and in fact, I believe Lestetia currently holds the Demon reins and is desperately trying to calm the members into silence as we speak. Will the muggles take the treats? Will they be forced into the typical silence? Liza? Come, come out, wherever you are. How many online lies have you told these last six years, cherie? In fact, loves, it was Liza that planted the name Julienne when the ruse was first exposed. Isn’t that right, Dolly? Was that your idea or Tara’s, darling?

Oh, there is so much more. The insane asylum of NOSFTU and the tangled web of lies is endless. My question for now is this. How many members will have the courage to come out on their own? How many of you will wait for me to drag you on the stage? James? “Alex and Lucien”, Tobias? The rest of you? You do realize that you were nothing more then the original fiersome threesome’s puppets, yes? Even Liza could tell you that, yes Dolly? Daniel’s Dolly who chose to treat you just as the harridans did is no innocent, rest assured. And Lydia, you nasty, nasty lady. Lydia you have not been forgotten, rest assured. Your crimes will soon be revealed too. You, who once swore you would have nothing to do with the NOSFTU asylum became one of them and found great joy in deceiving and using these pour souls. What else was in it for you, lady? You can try to run but I will not let you hide.

Remember darklings, to them, you are all considered part of the game, not as persons with whom interpersonal bonds could ever be formed. And if the goal is playing a game and not joining the virtual community, less friendships should be developed. And that is fine. Their goal however was not only role play, but also to play with all of you, use and abuse you, expose you and discard you when you no longer fit their story or script. And when you did not behave like the good subservient little doggies that Tara is used to training, you were humiliated, exposed as liars, scorned, insane, etc. You get the picture, yes?

Stay tuned…..


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